Holly Combs

Holly specializes in addressing wedding invitations.

E-mail: Hcombs@me.com
City/State: Memphis, TN

Kim Farris

Kim Farris Calligraphy

Kim specializes in envelope addressing for weddings, rehearsal dinners, parties, place cards, calling cards, table assignments.

E-mail: kimfarriscalligraphy@gmail.com
Phone: (601) 218-3705
City/State: Oxford, MS

Jan Hurst

Louisville Calligraphy


Jan specializes in wedding calligraphy, fine handlettering, vows and resolutions, mixed media art and collage.

City/State: Louisville, KY

Beth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell Design & Calligraphy


A MCG Founding Member, Beth is a Graphic Designer with 30+ years of experience designing custom invitations, hand addressing, monograms, illustrations, logo design, and large-scale commissioned pieces.

E-mail: beth@elizabethmitchell.com
Phone: (901) 262-8489  Cell
City/State: Memphis, TN

Maggie Naylor

Maggie specializes in both pointed and broad-edge pen calligraphy, and watercolor.

E-mail: naylorm1@bellsouth.net
Phone: (901) 753-0194 Home    (901) 482-9977 Cell
City/State: Memphis, TN

Tina Parisi

Tina specializes in the Copperplate style of pointed-pen calligraphy. She enjoys doing wedding invitations, addressing, place cards and quotations.

E-mail: paralethal1954@gmail.com
Phone: 901-825-3879

City/State: Memphis, TN

Ann Rabinovitz

Designs in Calligraphy

Ann specializes in hand lettering styles for wedding invitations, envelope addressing, logos, certificates and poems.

E-mail: annsrab@bellsouth.net
Phone: (901) 757-2403 (home)  /  (901) 830-9614 (cell)
City/State: Cordova, TN